Information about the Vice-President of BHBFTA

Jane Zubia is the Vice president for the club this year.  This is what she wrote up to share with you on the blog.  Thanks Jane.

“Hi my name is Jane Zubia and I am the Vice-President of the BHBFTA for 2010. I have been working with horses for over 30 years having apprenticed in 1965-1967 in CA. I became involved with gaited horses when I moved with my daughter in 1990 to Powell, WY and have been training and instructing gaited horses and their riders since then.

Since gaited owners are spread out all over the US, I decided in 2003 to start traveling to the horse and rider to help them with their personal issues. It has been very rewarding for me to see the progress each horse and rider make during a session and because I have clients that I see more than once a year, to see the progress made from session to session.

I have shown at some of the BHBFTA shows besides Colorado, Montana, Utah and Washington. I have also shown several times at the Missouri Fox Trotter Celebration held each fall at Ava, Missouri in Performance and Versatility. Over the years, the horses I have ridden have come out of their class with one of the primary colors or another color of the rainbow. The past two years I have assisted the BHBFTA show chairman, Robynn Gabel, and it has been fun to give back to this club and also understand more of what goes into having a horse show.

I have also started to write short articles that I hope will help owners to become aware of something that will be of a benefit to them and their horse.

I am always ready to help someone with their gaited horse so call me 307-254-0666 or visit my website for more information.”

One of Jane’s articles will be posted on the blog tomorrow.


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